“Lessons From The Garden - Contentment”

Simple yet deep.

Conclusion: In the garden, immortal God abided, walked and talked with immortal man.  I want to return to that state of being.


  1. Is the Garden of Eden in Genesis real?

    1. Jesus references it - from the beginning

    2. Paul 1 Cor 15, 1st man Adam sin-death, Man w/o sin - life resurrection

    3. Without the agenda to disprove God, the account was never questioned.

    4. 1 Tim 2:13 Adam was first created

    5. The task to prove that Something came from nothing or that it just happened is monumental.

  2. Order - God authored and designed as he wanted it - good

    1. Intellectual - Genesis 1:28 - fill, rule, and subdue

    2. Biological - v27 - male and female before never ?’nd

    3. Familial - vs 2:22-25 - marriage - law. Govt. party or chrst’ns

    4. Spiritual - Soul from God is good 2:7. That which is from God is good 1:31, His word is just, true, loving and good 2:16-17

  3. Observations

    1. Prayer - 2:18-21

    2. Providence - 2:15-17

    3. Placement - 2:8

    4. Career - 2:15

  4. What happened - the state and structure of what once was, is most assuredly different now.  Something happened and for this, there is plenty of evidence.


  1. The evidence is in creation itself.  Our creation groans because of WHAT? Sin, Eve’s deception, Satan  -


  1. The heart of our fall - Discontent- Read and comment 3:1-7


  1. Am I content:

    1. Where God has placed me?

    2. With his providence?

    3. With his loving instructions? - or, like Eve, do I think that I’m missing something?


  1. Complacency - Chick-fil-A - Paul - injustice - legal opportunities - spiritual insight (shipwreck)


  1. Blaspheme - (speak evil of, profane, curse) and Besmirch (defame, slander, denigrate) - Complaining is the fasttrack to such a state. It tells everyone that God is holding something back from you that you deserve, and that what he has given you is just not enough. This is why God hated the complaints of Israel.

  2. So what am I saying about God, when I :

    1. Complain of my wealth?

    2. Complain of my spouse?

    3. Complain about my bosses?

    4. Complain of my Government?

    5. Complain of wasted time?


  1. Do I give the enemies of Jehovah reason to blaspheme?          (2 Scenarios) Mountains fall - Earth swallow


  1. Lesson from the Garden: Discontent Blasphemes and is the first step in walking away from God - Contentment glorifies God and keeps me walking with him. - Opportunity $100,000,000