Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re simply Christians following God’s will as revealed in the New Testament.

We currently assemble in south Charlotte, NC. When you’re with us, you’ll find several things:

  • Biblical teaching – The Bible is God’s message to mankind, the unfolding of His great plan to save us, and the expression of His will for each of us to follow. Our goal is to follow the New Testament to be a church of – belonging to – Christ, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Heartfelt worship – As a congregation, we teach each other by singing songs and hymns to God. We partake of the Lord’s Supper, the memorial of Christ’s death. We talk to our Father through Christ in prayer. We learn more about God’s will for us through teaching, preaching, and the reading of Scripture.
  • Caring hearts – Truth without love is as empty as love without truth. We were made to care for each other, to rejoice with each other, and sometimes to cry with each other. We want to be God’s family, brothers and sisters together, helping each other to grow in faith.
  • Working hands – Faith without works is dead. As God’s children, we should be servants and workers just as Christ was.

If simple New Testament Christianity appeals to you, won’t you come worship and study with us?